Power Transmission Components


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      3L 4L 5L Kevlar
      A AX B BX C CX D E, Banded
      3V 3VX 5V 5VX 8V, Banded
      MXL, XL, H, XH, XXH Timing Drives
      3M, 5M, 8M, 14M HTD, Powerchain (Polychain) Drives
      T3, T5, T10, AT3, AT5, AT10 Drives

      ANSI Sprockets and Roller Chain
      British Standard Sprockets and Roller Chain
      Attachment Chain & Chain Guides
      QD, Taper Lock, Split Taper Sprockets,
      Chain Couplings
      Dalton Torque Limiters & Overload Devices

   Tensioners & Idler Pulleys

      Fenner Efson Tensioners
      Lovejoy RunRight Tensioners



      Rigid Shaft Coupling & Shaft Collars
      Jaw Couplings
       Lovejoy Jaw Rotex Curved Jaw HRC Jaw
      DuraFlex (Omega) Element Couplings
      SureFlex Couplings
      Bowex Couplings


      Grid & Gear Couplings
      Disc Couplings


   Shafts and Accesories

      Fully Keyed Shafts
      Retaining Rings
      Keystock, Woodruff Keys
      Gear & Bearing Pullers